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Android TV has become more like a Google TV


Google has introduced a new Android TV update that gives the smart TV operating system a new look that looks almost like the user interface via the company's Google TV program within the newer Chromecast.

The new interface updates the look of Android TV to make it more compatible with Google TV, adding the ability to scroll to premium content at the top of menus and abandon large icons for simpler tabs.

The trailer row appears at the top with favorite apps and the following playback below, and from there, you'll have rows full of content from apps installed via Android TV.

At the top of the screen you see Google Assistant bubbles at the far left, then search, however, there are some differences between the user interface via Google TV for chromecast vs. Android TV updated.

The new smart TV operating system menu features three main tabs:

  • Home for quick access to apps and channels.
  • Apps as a place to find your apps.
  • The entirely new Discover tab offers customized recommendations for TV shows and movies along with popular content from Google – similar to the For You tab via Google TV.

On the contrary, the Google TV user interface uses the above-mentioned For You tab as its home screen and then divides certain portions of content into custom live shows, movies, and tabs, rather than collecting them all in one place.

It's also easy to access the content you've purchased through a library tab that your smart TV operating system lacks.

The update helps make Google's disparate smart TV platforms more consistent – even if it's still a bit confusing that Google TV and Android TV still exist as separate products with different interfaces at this time. 

The search giant still plans to introduce Google TV via the latest smart TVs in the future.

The updated user interface is being rolled out today across smart TV devices in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France, with promises to reach more countries in the coming weeks.

The last major update of the smart TV operating system was Android 11, which is delivered on September 22, 2020.