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After Facebook, Google faces apple privacy update


We all know the problems that occurred between Facebook and Apple because of "Apple Privacy", and this in the update of its operating system IOS 14, where this update came to a feature that the application required to provide all privacy information, to let the user know how the application collects personal user data and how the application uses this data as Apple will add in its next update feature "Transparency tracking applications" and it will make the application take the user's permission before it can follow it, and this has caused problems between Apple and Facebook where expressed Facebook It objected to this feature and other details that most of us know and ended with Facebook being subject to Apple's terms.

Google against Apple entered into this confrontation, and according to the British newspaper The Guardian, the applications Google on - in the words of the newspaper - began to complain about it, as companies when making updated applications since last December must provide privacy information with their applications, but Google has not made updates since last December, where Google has 86 applications in the Apple Store did not talk them only 3 applications are Google Music & Tv, Google slides and Google Translate and Google did not provide information on data uses in these updates Private, except Google Translate, in which it provided 25 ways the app could use personal user data.

Apple users complain that warnings from Google apps appear that the app they are using is outdated and needs to be updated even though they are using the latest version and no new update has been issued for the applications, and the spokesperson for Google said that those warnings and notifications for updates are wrong.

Apple has started implementing its privacy terms since the beginning of December 2020 in its ios 14 system, and Facebook has announced its strong objection to Apple's terms of privacy, declaring that it will affect advertisers and that the ads will not reach those interested in them, and Google has not announced its objection yet and has not shown any reaction regarding Apple's requests but it has not updated most of its applications so far, how will google face apple?.