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8 of the next top new features in iOS 14.5 update for iPhone

Apple launched the first trial version of update (iOS 14.5) and (iPadOS 14.5) for developers on February 1, which includes some new features, in which Apple focuses on promoting personal privacy, which prompted companies, such as Facebook to launch a fierce attack on Apple.

There are many new features coming up in the update (iOS 14.5), we know a few of them so far, but the final version of the update is likely to include more, and there may also be fixes for errors and improved security.

First, what is the release date of the iOS 14.5 update?

Apple never announces when it will launch a new update of iOS, but Apple is expected to launch the final version of the update (iOS 14.5) later this month or at the beginning of March, as it is now available as a beta version for developers, meaning that you must have an Apple Developer account to test it and that it may contain some errors where Apple is still working on it before the launch of its final release.

Second, the next top new features in iOS 14.5 update:

1- Unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch:


Apple is currently testing a new feature in iPhone phones that lets you unlock your phone when you wear a face mask easily, the new feature will require the use of the Apple Watch. It is clear that this watch should be operated with watchOS 7.4.

The new feature (unlock with the Apple Watch) is called Unlock with The Apple Watch, and you can activate it through settings, meaning you don't have to take off your face mask or enter an iPhone unlock passcode when this feature is enabled.

 2. Set a virtual music player of your choice:


Apple Music is the default music player on Apple devices, but Apple finally allows you to set a virtual music player of your choice, meaning you can now choose Spotify as the default music player in iOS 14.5.

So after you install an update (iOS 14.5) on your phone, the first time you ask Siri to play music, all the music streaming services you've installed will be included in your phone, and all you need is to choose which service you want to set as the default music player.

3. Fitness Plus can be broadcast using AirPlay:

iOS 14.5
and WatchOS 7.4 will allow Apple Fitness Plus users to broadcast workouts directly to AirPlay 2-compliant TVs and devices.

This feature lets you view workouts on a larger screen, but unfortunately, apple watch metrics can't be displayed on tv when you broadcast the exercise from your iPhone or iPad using AirPlay, and activity episodes, remaining exercise time and calories won't appear, and you'll need to display them instead on the iPhone or iPad caller.

4- Transparency of application tracking:

The update (iOS 14.5) includes some privacy changes, as we are expected to see a new pop-up privacy notification feature that requires the app developer to request a one-time user's permission before the app tracks its activities across other corporate apps and sites. This depends on a change Apple has made in an update (iOS 14.3) that lets you know what data the apps collect before installing the app on your device.

To find out how this feature is on your device, you can see an article: "How to check the data that any app collects before installing it on your iPhone or iPad"

5- Support for next-generation gaming platform control superbright:

Apple added in an update (iOS 14.5) support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers, so you can play games on your phone or tablet easily. Apple TV is also likely to support new controllers with a 14.5 TVOS update.

6- Dual SIM card support for 5G networks globally:


Dual-SIM on iPhone 12 allows the use of two lines of service in the same phone, which is useful for traveling or keeping separate numbers for business and home.

But now Dual-SIM users will be allowed to get 5G speeds on both lines, a particularly important feature with the current deployment of 5G networks.

7. Add family sharing in Apple Card:

The software code in an update (iOS 14.5) indicates that Apple will add a new feature that allows multiple people to use the same Apple Card account, allowing family members to share a single card.

The main Apple Card account holder will be able to invite family members to use the account, with family spending available for viewing in the Wallet app. Account-holders will be able to set spending limits so that all family members, including children, can use the card.

8- The change in design in some Apple applications:


You'll also find some design changes in podcast apps, news, and reminders, where Apple has made some design changes in podcasts, podcasts are now prominently included in shows with episode descriptions, and the resume button is easily accessible. The Search tab also lets you browse different categories to find what you're looking for easily.

Reminders also include a new option to sort lists in reminders by the due date, build date, priority, or address, as well as an option to print a reminder list, a feature that users have wanted in the reminderappest app for some time.

The Apple News app also includes a new search tab, the "+News" section has been redesigned with The For You feature, and the new design makes it easy for you to access the Browse tab.