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3 tools to download ISO for Windows 10 for free and original


Unless you will update to Windows 10 directly from a computer with an earlier version of the system, in order to install the operating system from the beginning, you will need to download an ISO image.

To do this, you have multiple options, from the same formal solutions offered by Microsoft which are very simple and complete, to some third-party options that may in some cases be more comfortable to download ISO and create a startup disk for Windows 10.

Microsoft Tool


The solution he is most recommended for is to use Microsoft's media creation tool. Whether you want to upgrade to Windows 10, create operable USB media to install Windows 10 on another computer, or download an ISO file, you can download it from this link and guide you through the process.



The third-party option is to use the famous Rufus tool to create bootable USB drives to install a variety of operating systems.  In addition, Rufus offers the option to download many Linux distributions directly as well as many versions of Windows.




Another equally important option is the HeiDoc tool to download all official Windows and Office ISO images.  HeiDoc downloads them directly from Microsoft servers, offering you multiple versions of Windows 10 and not just the latest fixed version.