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3 of the best portable antivirus programs do not need to be installed


Without a doubt, antivirus applications can be considered as one of the programs that any computer should have. It helps in locking your computer (and data on it) against all kinds of viruses, spyware, and other bad things. Today you can rest assured if you have an anti-virus program capable of installing your computer, but what if you have work on another computer (e.g. a computer in a public library), does not have a proven antivirus program. Not a problem, as you can use a portable anti-virus program. Like most mobile applications, they don't have to be installed for use, and can be carried anywhere in USB portable drives. In this blog post, we will touch on the list of the best mobile antivirus programs and follow us to find out about them. 


It is one of the best mobile antivirus programs available and is free and open source. It is powered by the very popular ClamAV engine and is powered by an automatically updated virus definition database (on the network). You can select specific file types to include or exclude from the scan, other features include email alerts, and the ability to automatically unload affected programs from memory. Note that by default, ClamWin "reports" infected files or programs, however, they can be easily configured to be automatically blocked or deleted. 


There are times when you scan a file using trustworthy antivirus software which is good. But you still want to get a second opinion. This is where HitmanPro comes in to help. It's a "cloudy- connected" antivirus program that matches files against the online updated data (databases) database that has signatures for the latest malware. The cloud infrastructure includes databases from industry leaders such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab. In addition, it has a Kickstart subunit that can be installed on any USB flash drive and is used to remove malware from computers that do not start properly.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Looking for an anti-malware app that's on the go? This program is all you need. It can scan and remove everything from viruses to bad registry keys, and also has a subunit, which allows you to analyze and turn off malware drivers and network connections if they are affected. Then there is the Autorun Analyzer tool, which can be used to handle the services and programs that are downloaded when the system starts. The notable feature is that it has two antivirus engines, one private and the other from Bitdefender. This enhances its efficiency in the overall detection process.