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16 tips to extend the shelf life of your laptop


A laptop or desktop is your only way to work, study or entertain yourself at your leisure. It's natural to be curious to know what the life span of a laptop is and how to keep it in the best shape to ensure that it can give in the years to come, especially since its value is not cheap – we can't replace it every short time, and we don't even intend to. So, keep going on to see how you keep an age before it turns into a zombie.

1- Buying the right laptop

If you're about to buy a new iPad or desktop, you need to choose the right ingredients for your business type. Choosing the right, high-quality ingredients will help them stay longer lifespans as they have higher quality hardware. Here's a comprehensive guide to choosing the right laptop for your use.

2- Make sure you choose the right central processor and graphics before buying

Put your choice of central processor and graphics at the top of your priorities when you buy a new iPad, you can't change either anymore. However, they are responsible for the performance of the entire business system, all your work, your ability to accomplish it, and your level of productivity depend on sits on them in the first place. For a desktop, it's simply because you're able to upgrade your central processor and graphics whenever you want and in a way that fits the evolution of your business. For the laptop, you'll need to choose carefully, and this is your guide to choosing the right graphics card for your business.

3- IPad contains the largest storage disk possible

As long as it's still in the beginning, make sure your laptop has enough storage disk for all the files you plan to store on its memory. Remember that all the data has become a huge area, games, operating systems, and continuous updates, high-quality movies, and even smartphone images that sometimes exceed 3MB per single image.

Therefore, make sure that the storage disk is not less than 1TB. If the laptop only contains an HDD tablet, it needs to be at 7200RPM because any lower speed will be too expensive and cause you to lose your time waiting and stalling during takeoffs, system shutdowns and even your simplest light work will be negatively affected by low speed.

4- Buy a hard drive

If the higher cost is not a major drag on your budget, it is necessary to purchase a solid SSD volume. It will have a very significant impact on the performance of the laptop in all business. But don't sacrifice the huge storage capacity of the mechanical disc, you'll need both. If it turns out you're not capable of both at the time of purchase, you can just have an HDD storage disk right now.

5- Don't give ram more than it is right

You just need enough ramming capacity to manage your operating system operations, help you work well on your business programs, enhance your web browsing experience and open multiple tabs at once. If you're still at first, it's best to buy a laptop that has 8GB DDR4, if you own a 4GB laptop it's best to upgrade. Make sure that the upgrade process helps increase the life of the rest of the Ramat esthetes because tasks are distributed on memory chips and not permanently pressed and overheated.

6- Make sure your laptop is constantly clean

Cleaning the laptop from dust and dust will not only increase its shelf life but will also help avoid any potential problems and risks that may cause it to overheat or disrupt it. Every several months you prefer to pay attention to battery calibration, most tips indicate that the laptop should be removed from the charger (if always plugged in) to keep the battery from deteriorating and decaying.

7. Reset the operating system

More than a year after you start windows, it may be a good time to reset windows (the nuclear option), so you'll get rid of too many files and data that may slow your computer's performance, but always store your data and keep the necessary files before erasing the system sector.

8- You should eat food and drink liquids while using the laptop

Spills on the laptop keyboard can be devastating and expensive at the same time. All important components are located directly below the keyboard, especially the motherboard and its precise components. Remember that these errors are caused by misuse and the warranty may refrain from maintaining them at all or make you bear the cost of repairs at your own expense, and make sure they are always expensive.

9- Don't try to close your computer against your will

There is a lot of controversy about how many hours your computer is running and when it's time to close your computer. In fact, the bedoithing command that closing your computer more helps extend its life span longer. Since it is not a server or workstation, you don't have to turn it on 24/7 non-stop, and at the same time, you don't have to close it every two or three hours. Try to mediate both. Every day or two you can give it several hours to cool its components and finish installing the latest updates. But don't try to hang your fingers on the power button to separate the computer though because this is an attempt to separate the current directly from the electrical circuits, but you can once click the power button or through the start menu.

10- Protect your computer from power failures

Any fluctuation in the electric current causes increased pressure on the components responsible for protecting electrical circuits, but in the worst case, they may damage and cause damage. Therefore, if you don't have a high-quality power provider or a powerful voltage regulator in your home, it's best to buy Surge Protector. The laptop and phone are no exception, so it is also necessary to connect to the charger to protect them from the risk of high power that may affect the charger or the devices themselves.

11- Buy UPS Power Outage

Looking at the desktop, the importance of a power outage is to keep the computer working even when the power is down or out of power. Regardless of how much protection it takes to get you done business or save your projects, it also helps to maintain the life of the components, as frequent power outages and separation from storage disks are negative factors affecting their mechanical condition. In this way, you'll be able to complete your unfinished business with complete security, the prices vary depending on the spare charge capacity and efficiency, but if you're looking for the right computer only, any UPS in the maximum $100 range will be appropriate. If you want it for all electrical appliances in the house, it will cost you twice that amount.

12. Get rid of viruses and malware constantly

It won't destroy your device or speed up the time wheel, but it can cause your effort, business, and important files to be lost, so it will cost you more time to get back what you're going to get back on your device (if everything you've lost is available online.) not to mention ransomware that can encrypt your files until you pay their owners the ransom. Therefore, be sure to use a powerful antivirus and test it every once in a while.

13- Make sure the hard is organized and not constantly fragmented

Over time and frequently, all file data is scattered in different areas on the disk's storage memory, causing it to be pressed more as these files are opened or worked on. It is, therefore, necessary to defragment between periods and periods to remove this overload from the harddisk. Fortunately, modern Windows systems do this automatically, so depending on the type of operating system you're using, you may find yourself having to check it yourself.

14- There is no need to update Windows continuously

While official updates for Windows or Linux may address many problems and errors and enhance firewalls and security systems, they can slow down and delay the computer while performing normal work. This problem sometimes causes us to remove the update and re-update to previous versions. Therefore, you don't have to worry about Windows updates if there's no need to pay attention to them.

15. Installing modern tariff programs for hardware components

These are programs that you have to keep up to date, they help provide support and compatibility issues with modern software and applications, and are sometimes responsible for speeding up the work of hardware components and enhancing their performance with emerging business.

16. Avoid high temperatures

High temperatures, as well as air temperatures in the surrounding room, cause the central and graphic processing properties to enter the self-suffocation phase, thus reducing their speeds during work. High heat is the most dangerous factor on the shelf life of ingredients. So, make sure you use your laptop in a cool room or away from the sun, providing good airflow. If you have enough experience in removing and cleaning fans, don't hesitate, make sure it's a necessary and positive step and will be of great benefit to you. You can also provide additional fans for a computer box or an iPad fan holder.