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Zoom begins to deploy end-to-end encryption


The Zoom/Zoom video conferencing app has just begun to deploy end-to-end encryption. This new security option is available to all users currently for preview.

A few days ago, Zoom announced the imminent deployment of end-to-end encryption in its video conferencing app. Developers have kept their promise since this option was published.

End-to-end encryption is currently available in a trial format and is offered to all users, free of charge, on the desktop application as well as on the Android app, and is expected to arrive shortly thereafter on iOS. Calls using end-to-end encryption will be limited to 200 participants.

To take advantage of this, you must manually activate the option in the app settings and invite all participants to a meeting to do the same. Once the encryption is placed in its correct place, zoom will display a green shield icon above the left of the meeting window.