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Why should you try Opera GX when playing web games?


Opera Software, the owner and developer of the popular web browser Opera, acquired YoYo Games, which created game maker Studio 2, where, according to the executive vice president of browsers, the company wants to build a gaming section called Opera Gaming.

This acquisition will provide a great opportunity for the company to take advantage of its opera GX gaming and player-oriented web browser by combining Opera GX and GameMaker Studio 2 teams, with the new division focusing on expanding the company's gaming reach and capabilities.

First, how does Opera GX work?

Launched in June 2019, Opera GX is available under restrictions (early access) so technically the browser is still under development, a special version of Opera web browser but especially targeted for gaming enthusiasts. It allows players to control the use of memory and processor in their computers to make a play and streaming games smoother. The popular game streaming service Twitch comes with it integrated.

Secondly, what features does the browser offer?

The most exclusive feature of games in opera GX is the GX Corner tab, located at the top left of the sidebar of the address bar, where clicking on it opens a window that contains a lot of categories, such as: the latest game-related news, links to free and low-priced computer games, and calendar of upcoming releases.

This page occurs automatically and does not need your intervention from you, but you can customize it by pressing the gear icon on the right side of the screen, where you can choose the layout style and select your geographic area to make the news feed more relevant.


In the sidebar on the left sidebar of the Browser Screen (Opera GX) and among many other tabs you can also add your accounts on gaming platforms, such as Twitch, Discord and other messaging apps, where each account is added to the browser's sidebar menu so you can get notifications and messages directly in the browser interface, instead of opening each as a tab or in a separate app.

The GX Cleaner tab lets you quickly scan cache, as well as the History tab that lets you clear your browsing history, and you can open the GX Control tab that lets you monitor opera GX's internet connection, computer CPU, and RAM at any time and set limits on the number of resources your browser uses.

On the same tab, you'll find a list of open tabs that show how much computer resources you consume, with the possibility of forcing the closure of any tab you find to be disabling or slowing down the computer, as these tools help keep opera GX using the minimum computer resources so that the computer doesn't slow down and the gaming experience doesn't affect.

What are the browser's main disadvantages?

Like most other web browsers, Opera GX collects user data and shares it with advertisers and external partners, including: IP address, browsing activity, as well as some activities from connected third-party accounts, such as: Twitch, but users can disable some tracking options and collect data from the browser's settings menu.

Finally, as long as collecting data in the browser does not bother you and you can adjust the settings of the theme, there is a lot to offer the browser whether you are playing games or using it for normal browsing, where you can download the browser for Windows or Mac Osvia this link to try it yourself.