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Why should you speed up the Hard Drive Password feature in BIOS?


When we talk about protecting our files we mean hard drive directly or indirectly, and the privacy of our files depends mainly on the strength of the encryption of the latter, and most of you may never have heard of the possibility of putting a password for the hard drive password through the feature Hard Drive Password, which we will activate from bios.

Once activated you can check on the hard drive in case of theft or loss of the device, others will not be able to browse the files on it, let us learn more about this feature and how to activate it in the following lines.

I'm not going to do that This feature is found in most mobile devices but there are exceptions as it does not exist on all devices.

The method of access to bios varies from computer to computer after the appearance of the screen that appears at the beginning of the computer start before the start of windows take off, click on one of the following buttons Del, F8, F10 or F11. As you see at the bottom of your computer, you go directly to the bios screen.

After entering the Bios screen, look for the Hard disk passwords option, which is usually in the Password or Security section of bios settings, and you click on this option and start setting the password that you will put on the hard disk to protect it, then save the settings to appear to you after the device restarts.

Every time you click the computer play button, this will be the first window that appears to you telling you that the hard is password-protected and you must enter it to take off to the operating system or even when you access the bios, and if anyone removes the hard from the laptop and inserts it into another computer it will not be useful because it is difficult to browse hard files if you do not know its password.

You should know that Hard Drive Password is very impressive and must be activated if you want to add a protection layer for a hard disk after encrypting files to prevent anyone from accessing data stored on the hard drive in case it is stolen or lost, can not break the password of the hard and enter it easily, but do not calculate that it is impossible to break the password of hard there are already very limited ways to do so but no one even professional in computer knows it and do it.