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Why is Signal the best alternative to WhatsApp?


WhatsApp has sparked much controversy in recent days after updating its privacy policy, enforcing data sharing with other Facebook apps and products, and if users do not accept the terms of the new privacy policy, their WhatsApp account will be deleted as of February 8, 2021. So he started looking for better alternatives that keep users private, and the best alternative was signal.

Following the update, Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO and currently the richest person on earth, urged his Twitter followers to use The Signal app and was joined by Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO.

It's also the messaging app that Edward Snowden, a well-known privacy defender and former NSA employee, has been recommending for years. But why is Signal the best alternative to WhatsApp now?
First, what is signal:

The signal can do everything the WhatsApp app does, where you can do it with your phone number, so you can send encrypted text messages, voice messages, photos, or videos to individuals and groups as well. It also allows you to make voice and video calls individually or collectively with encryption support in both.
Second, what are the reasons why it is the best alternative to WhatsApp:

1. An open source application that supports encryption:

The signal is the best alternative to WhatsApp because it's the safest app of all other messaging apps, as it is an open-source app owned by Open Whisper Systems, a non-profit organization whose goal is to make private communications accessible to all.

The Signal application supports encryption, and works on almost all operating systems, it is available for systems: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's highly user-friendly and provides voice and video calls, so you won't miss anything WhatsApp has to offer.

The app supports a feature (end-to-end encryption) to secure your conversations so that no one as well as the developer of the same app can read your messages or listen to your calls. The encryption feature is based on an open-source encryption protocol called Signal Protocol, which means that experts can test it and search for errors, which is not available in WhatsApp, which makes Signal more secure.

Signal also lets you create encrypted groups, so you can have private secure conversations, with all your friends at once.

2. Signal does not collect your personal data:

The app raises the privacy protection logo is not an optional situation, but the basis of our work, along with all the features you expect in the messaging app you want to use.

This proved, comparing Forbes' popular instant messaging apps, Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger using Apple's new app privacy stickers feature in the App Store.

This comparison has shown that Signal is the best app in terms of maintaining privacy, because all the personal data it accesses is your phone number, and does not try to link it to your identity.

WhatsApp collects a lot of account-related data such as your phone number, an account image, usage patterns – which include: features you use, groups you've joined, how you interact with others within the app, and other information such as: use the status feature, device data, and more.  In addition, after updating the privacy policy, the app will share all this data with other Facebook apps.

You can see all the data the app collects about you with an article: "What data does WhatsApp collect about you and how do you enhance your privacy?"

3- Save and encrypt backups to your device:

Signal allows you to store a backup of your messages, photos, files, and other content locally in your device in a folder in the Files app, not in a cloud-based service or google drive service as WhatsApp does.

Additionally, when you activate the app's backup feature, your data is encrypted with a 30-digit passcode, and you'll need that code to restore the backup, so you must keep it in a safe place.

You won't be able to restore a backup without the 30-digit passcode, so think of it as a security key that can't be repeated. You must create a new backup to create a new passcode.

4. You will not be added in groups without your permission:

One of the most important privacy features of the Signal app is that not all group members will be automatically added, but people will be invited and they must accept the invitation first to join the group.