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WhatsApp tests video calls via web version


Video calls received a huge boost in 2020 as the epidemic made it impossible to see each other in person.

WhatsApp has begun to work on this by expanding the capabilities of video calls within mobile applications, as the web version of the app took longer.

The web version of WhatsApp is an important addition for those who use WhatsApp constantly, which means you don't need to access your phone and respond while working on your computer.

The significant lack of calls, especially for businesses, was one of the main drawbacks for a while within the web version of the service.

This has resulted in users skipping the web version of WhatsApp and using Google Meet or Zoom services.

WhatsApp seems to have finally decided to make video and voice calls an option, which probably means that the service wants to retain its users and restore users who have moved to competing services.

WhatsApp confirmed that the feature will be launched this year, as it has been working for two years or so to make calls through the web version, but there is always a need to call the phone.

However, it is still mostly in the trial phase, and some users felt that they could actually use video calls, but have not yet been implemented globally.

The function works like calls via the mobile app, opening a window for the user when you make a call to accept or reject the call.

The web version also allows users to disable the functionality altogether if they prefer.

WhatsApp offers trial calls to specific users, but because it's a trial feature, it's available to very few people.

It's still unclear when WhatsApp will provide video calls for everyone, but after the new privacy policy problem, WhatsApp is likely to approach any new features with a little caution.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp announced a three-month delay in the new privacy policy, which was due to come into effect on February 8th after widespread confusion over the new policy requiring data sharing with Facebook.