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What is the importance of mathematics in computer science?


Computer science is of course interesting, become a hacker, the system administrator among other profitable professions. As much as it may seem an interesting path, there is one thing most people don't like: the close relationship between computer science and mathematics.

For years, the importance of mathematics in computer science has been a completely controversial subject. Some people believe that mathematics is important for computer science students. Others see it as a topic that adds little value to computer science.

So, what side is telling the truth? In this article, we will highlight the importance of mathematics in computer science.

1. Abstract Mathematics in Nature

Most concepts of mathematics are taught through an abstract language. On the other hand, one of the things that are addressed in computer science is the study of programming languages. Most of these languages are also abstract in nature. It is characterized by syntax, well-defined processes, symbols, individual words, and even visual images.

Due to the abstract nature of mathematics, you will have smooth sailing when learning programming languages. Mathematics will transfer the student with the art of reading, understanding, and problem analysis before finding a solution. All these skills are vital when it comes to programming and computer science in general.

2. Learn math how to use algorithms

The algorithm is a commonly used term in computer science and technology in general. It provides the basis for the establishment and implementation of any program or application.

Although most people face this term for the first time in a computer science class, the fact of the matter is that they were introduced to it in a math class. Did you know that a simple equation like 7 + 3 = 10 is an algorithm? From these simple equations, students are then introduced to complex algorithms in computer science.

3. Mathematics gives students analytical skills

Coding is not a one-way process. You should go back to check what you wrote and verify it. This is because you are obliged to make one or several errors when coding.

In mathematics, students are usually forced to analyze their work. The answers you may have given are not always accurate. You need to go back and lose the formula and numbers you used. You will fix errors or errors before reaching your final answer.

In other words, math students prepare for tasks of determining and fixing bugs. Even if there are tools that can do the job automatically, students will still have the enthusiasm to do the job without any effort.

4. Computer science has a lot of math

Apart from the above skills, you will also experience a lot of mathematics in computer science. Here you will be needed to use math knowledge to solve real life problems through a computer. Will you if you don't take your math lessons seriously.

For example, there are a lot of mathematical equations and formulas that are used to design a program to control a self-driving car. It would be very difficult if not impossible to write such programs if you don't know anything in mathematics.

5. Intermittent mathematics is a computer science background

It is no secret that intermittent mathematics forms a strong basis for the study of programming and computer science. It will provide you with deep knowledge about the algorithms, computing, and complexity you will use in programming. Polynesian algebra, a subject in intermittent mathematics, is applied in creating control functions when programming. Once you have mastered these mathematical theories, you will have sufficient skill in employing them in computer science.


Often, most schools and colleges guarantee mathematics in computer science. However, they rarely tell students why they are doing so. They only do this as a basic routine. This makes most students feel the short-term change.

In this article, it is quite clear that mathematics theories are practical. It can be applied to implement various basic aspects of computer science. If you're planning to study computer science, maybe it's time to love and come to terms with math.