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What is the difference between Hacker, Cracker, and Scammer?


Hacker vs Cracker vs Scammer: These are the three most feared phrases in the technology industry. Maybe one or even all of them fell, the victim. But, what do these terms mean? Are they as dangerous as they are seen? What's the difference between them? In this article, we will clarify some of the differences between Hacker, Cracker, and Scammer.

Who is Hacker?

Hacker is someone who uses special skills to identify and improve defects in the computer system. If the hacker identifies security flaws in the system, he or she will resolve them to prevent any other unauthorized access. While we have identified hackers from a positive perspective, this is not always the case. White hat and black hat.

White hat hackers are a group of hackers who stay within the limits of the law while doing their job. They are a true representation of what piracy is. They do not use their skills to access any system illegally. Instead, they do just as required by the organizations or companies in which they work.

Hackers are professionals and are usually hired by companies to test security systems. It highlights weaknesses within the system or network and recommends appropriate security measures.

Hacker Goals

Hackers, Cracker, and scammers can be identified by their targets. Hackers are primarily interested in studying how computer systems and networks work. They are aware of all the tools needed to access the system.

The hacker is also aware of the technologies you will use to access the K Cracker system for the purpose of committing malicious activity. That's why the hacker fortifies the system and takes various measures to prevent Cracker activities. The overall goal of Hacker is to improve the system by making it safer. They do what is commonly known as moral piracy.

Who is Cracker?

Cracker and Hacker are almost similar to the same person. However, there are some differences in the way they do their job. While the hacker behaves in a way within legal frameworks, Cracker is keen to break existing laws. They use their knowledge and skills to compromise the security of the computer system and network.

Damage caused by Cracker can vary. More of this information includes stealing credit card information, stealing personal details and information that you will sell, or destroying or encrypting important files, making the system unavailable to other people among many other malicious activities.