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ViewSonic launches several new monitors dedicated to video players

With the advent of this year's largest annual CES technology show in a new online digital format, ViewSonic has introduced us to a few new monitors that will suit the needs of all kinds of players in the market, and we really mean everyone.

ViewSonic continues its 2020 success with the launch of the pcmag editor-in-chief's Award-winning ViewSonic XG270QG monitors, with the announcement of its ViewSonic XG320U. The new 32-inch display features up to 3840x2160 (4K) resolution with an IPS panel that offers an update rate of up to 144Hz.

XG320U also supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which ensures protection from any cutting effects on the screen via HDR support screens. According to ViewSonic, the new display will support HDMI 2.1 to serve players on new home platforms, as well as the DisplayPort 1.4b socket for PC players to push the tire rate to the maximum extent possible.

This means that platform players may want to choose xg320U, due to the lack of other monitors advertised for the 2.1 socket, and their use of the most advanced HDMI 2.0 specifications. Of course, it's about the kind of games they want to play, whether they require a high frame rate of more than 60 or not, plus the platform they choose.

Other detected screens include XG321UG, which joins the company's Elite class and offers 4K, 144Hz, and G-Sync Ultimate support. The monitors comes with mini-LED background lights, with 1,152 independent light areas.

For those who prefer 1440p resolution to match their less powerful devices, ViewSonic has the right solutions with two other models, the XG320Q and XG271QG with a high refresh rate of 165Hz and 240Hz respectively, with Nvidia G-Sync support.

Last but not least, the company has a new addition for e-sports players who love the very high refresh rate and instantaneous response time, with the new Elite XG2431 1080p and 240Hz display, plus AMD FreeSync Premium support, HDR 400 brightness, and 1ms response time.

All monitors announced today will come to stores over the next six months, starting with ViewSonic Elite XG2431 models in March 2021.