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United States Bans 8 New Chinese Apps

The United States of America decided to ban 8 new Chinese applications and after a year of banning all financial operations with the application TikTok  U.S. President Donald Trump signs a new decision to ban 8 famous Chinese applications, it is worth mentioning that these applications are applications used in a large number, are not applications anonymous / developer, that is a new decision of the President of the United States under the pretext of protecting data and information for users, continue reading the details


United States Bans New Chinese Apps

United States has banned applications Camscanner, Shareit, Alipay, Tencent QQ, V Mate, and WPS Office, which are very used applications, you may not know you Alipay or Tencent QQ but you use the rest or you use them, I use the first application in the imaging of documents for my study, these applications all share that they are applications with a wide user base i.e. there are many users using these applications and collecting information about them - supposedly related to the use of applications - and almost this is what the President took advantage of The U.S. to sign a contract to ban these applications from the United States of America, and this is what made the Chinese Minister of Commerce and Economy respond that these actions are against the rules of fair competition, and this harms Chinese companies and their customers.

On the whole we did not hear about any dangers from these applications or any other that may indicate that these applications are spy but these are sound applications no harm if they steal your data would have been completely different and we would have asked you to remove them from your phone but they are not bad applications are not malicious applications but applications you can use almost every day does not make sense to ban the United States almost to them, on the whole this is not the most important news but if you hear about blocking these applications this news to know that these Applications are harmless