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Twitter checks for error information via Birdwatch


Twitter has launched a pilot program called Birdwatch that lets users report tweets they think are misleading and write notes to provide context.

"The project is initially being offered in the United States," the social media company said in a blog post.

Birdwatch aims to process error information across the platform by allowing users to validate tweets.

Users in the pilot program, which includes about 1,000 users in the United States alone, can add notes to Tweets to provide context.

Currently, users participating in the pilot program can type notes via individual tweets, but the notes will not be visible to the public via Twitter itself, only via the birdwatch public site.

Experimental users can also evaluate feedback from other participants in the program there.

"We believe that this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misinformation spreads, adding context that people trust and find valuable," wrote Keith Coleman, vice president of the product, in a blog post.

"We aim to make feedback visible directly through tweets to a global Twitter audience when there is a consensus from a wide variety of contributors.

Twitter confirmed for the first time that it was working on Birdwatch last year, but the program was not expected to be launched before the U.S. presidential election.

 Like most social media companies, Twitter is grappling with the spread of misinformation and advertising across its platform.

The company took steps to try to combat electoral misinformation during and after the U.S. presidential campaign by classifying tweets as misinformation or misinformation about the election.

However, the steps have had mixed results, and do not appear to act as a deterrent to former President Trump, whose account was permanently suspended in January.

Twitter explains that it interviewed more than 100 people across the political spectrum, who told the company that Birdwatch's feedback provides a useful context for a better understanding of tweets.

The company said: All data contributed to Birdwatch will be available and downloadable in the form of TSV files, Twitter publishes algorithms that openly run the program in the program directory, and the initial classification system is available via the Twitter page within the GitHub platform.