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After its spectacular appearance in 2016, the wireless headphone market has exploded since IFA 2017 in Berlin. To help you choose, we've created the top 10 wireless speakers based primarily on independence and bandwidth.

The latter partially measure the sound quality of the headphones, the first point you should pay attention to. Battery life can vary from two hours to more than ten hours from one model to another. It is also important to pay attention to the case delivered with the headphones, which includes a battery that allows it to be recharged quickly and sometimes a wireless charging system.

Finally, note that almost all types are in-ear headphones. They, therefore, provide effective noise insulation.


 List of top 9 wireless headphones

9. Google Pixel Buds 2020

This is the first time Google has entered the top 10 with the successful version of Pixel Buds 2020. The brand dramatically improves its first version, with beautiful design, good sound quality, and a wireless charging box. However, independence (2 hours and 55 minutes) still needs to be improved compared to the increased competitiveness at this point.

8. Beats PowerBeats Pro

This type of headset meets the needs of athletes thanks to the hook placed on each earpiece, which ensures that they are perfectly installed in all positions. After that, people who need a lot of independence come in: PowerBeats Pro reaches 10:31 hours with a single charge, the best performance of the top 9 wireless speakers. 

 7. Libratone Track Air +


It was one of the good surprises of the past year. The Danish brand specializing in speakers has succeeded in its first model of wireless. Compatible with aptX HD, these headphones offer very good sound quality, and are further enhanced with a smartphone with a Qualcomm SoC processor.

6. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

This is a brand that we haven't seen coming to the wireless speaker market. Cambridge Audio uses advanced hi-fi devices and offers an excellent version here for headphones worth less than €100. Their 9:20-hour independence will allow you to listen to your music for a long time, even if you find a comfort error.

5. Bose SoundSport Free

As her first experience in the field of "wireless" headphones, Bose undoubtedly excels. Dedicated to sports use, SoundSport Free is an IPX4 certified anti-race. Very comfortable, well-fastened in place, also provides excellent independence of 5:20. The speakers provide a powerful and impressive sound.

4. Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

With this version plus, the company is working to improve the MW07s. If noise reduction does not reach the highest level in the market, the sound quality of these real wireless networks is one of the best in these top ten.

3. Jabra Elite 75t

The Elite 65t version was excellent, and despite their little independence of 5:31 hours, it remains excellent in terms of sound quality. With Elite 75t, the company corrected this point: 6:27 hours.

2. Sony WF-1000XM3

More obvious than the AirPods Pro, Sony obviously enjoys greater prohibitionwhen it comes to sound. Music lovers will also be the choice of music lovers, thanks to their excellent app that allows for many customizations. While battery life far exceeds the life of the Apple model (approximately 6 hours).

1. Apple AirPods Pro

It's hard not to praise Apple's performance. For the first time reduces wireless noise inside the ear, the brand has all the features. More secret design, good autonomy (4 hours and 48), excellent insulation, and highly balanced sound signature. Features apple deserved to be the first of the top 10 wireless headphones.