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Top 10 programs on Android watches Wear OS

Although it's not as popular as IOS watches or Huawei smartwatches, there is a special category and a special smartwatch operating system called Wear OS, a specially customized Android version.

Unlike what is also known, Samsung Watch (Active - Galaxy Watch) does not work using this system but uses another Samsung system, Tizen OS.

In fact, Tizen OS is very similar to Wear OS in software, many programs exist jointly between the two systems unlike Apple's smartwatch system, which comes with completely different capabilities and systems.

Today we will give you the top 10 programs you should download on Android smartwatches running Wear OS:

All the programs we will mention today are certainly available for Wear OS and you may find special versions of them for other watch systems such as Apple's Tizen or WatchOS.

Google Maps:


You may think that installing Google Maps software on your smartwatch is no use because you have it on your mobile phone, but the truth is completely different.

The experience of using maps on your smartwatch is a completely different experience from using it on your mobile phone or even your smart car screen, imagine that you are carrying the map above your hand and all you have to do is move the watch in your direction to see the map and see the new traffic instructions and where you will go.

Personally, Google Maps has saved me on the smartwatch over and over again, especially since you can drive and you can see the watch and control it better and much easier than a mobile phone.

You can download it through this link.

Wear Gesture Launcher:


This program provided you with a logical feature that should have been built within the systems of Android smartwatches, this feature allows you to draw shapes on the watch screen to play certain applications or features only, for example, you can draw the letter M to open the map program for Google and so on.

Of course, you can use the app as you wish and link all the programs you want with different uses within the watch as you would like as well.

You can download it from here.

Bring! Liste de Courses

This program allows you to create different shopping lists for different places and events, you can also share these lists with your friends and family as you wish, you can also use pre-prepared menus within the program or modify the menu as you wish to suit your needs.

The software interface is easy and very beautiful and is also suitable for the size of the smartwatch screen and you can use it with ease with your smartwatch.

Download link. 

Infinity Loop game:

Top 10 programs on Android smartwatches Wear OS 4

Who says all smartwatch programs are boring? If you want to download this unique game on your smartwatch, you can enjoy it.

This game is one of the simple and very fun puzzle games, this game can help you spend time while waiting for your train or appointment at your doctor's appointment.

Download the game link for free


Top 10 programs on Android smartwatches Wear OS 5

This software allows you to use your smartwatch to read, receive and send video and voice messages through the software after installing it on the mobile phone associated with the watch of course.

Once you install this software on your phone you will be able to control it completely, you can open the audio files that will reach you and you can also send voice messages and video chats through it.

Download link 


Top 10 programs on Android smartwatches Wear OS 6

Do we need to clarify this program? Telegram is one of the most popular chat programs that work with different operating systems.

The program has a version of smartwatches and you can through the copy of the watch to deal with the program with its full features of sending voice messages and reading messages and running them and various things.

Google Keep:

Top 10 programs on Android smartwatches Wear OS 7

Google Keep is part of the google desktop software package and is a special program to take notes, record and access them through various Google devices, whether it's a mobile phone, tablet, or even a computer.

Of course, the program has a special version of Android watches and it works properly and very well with it, you can take notes and record them using writing or even recording them audio.

The program also receives alerts and Reminders that you set from your computer.

Download link

Facer for watch formats:

Top 10 programs on Android smartwatches Wear OS 8

This program is one of the best programs that contains a wide variety of forms of Android watches and directed by Watch Faces includes a lot of different forms, some free and others paid.

Personally, I am thinking of buying a paid version of the program, the paid version of the program comes at a price of about 300 pounds per year which is a small price in exchange for the many facets you will be able to access.

Download link.

 Wear Casts:

Top 10 programs on Android smartwatches Wear OS 9

This program is particularly targeted at the hand of those who like to listen to podcasts.

This program can send your favorite podcasts to Android watches so you can hear them any time you want to, the program does not need to phone to in the process of sending podcasts to your watch, and then you can leave the phone at home and listen to different exercises and listen to your favorite podcasts.

Download link. 


Top 10 programs on Android smartwatches Wear OS 10

This program is one of the most important programs that you should install on your father's smartwatch or the elderly in general.

This program sends alerts to their Android watches to tell them that they need to take their medications and follows up on the process of taking the drug, its appointments, and other drug-related matters.

Download link.