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This site returns images that are damaged or scratched to their original form

Ancient images are a portal of dimensions that allows us to travel to a long time ago, where many of our loved ones lived. The problem is that, often, the passage of time has led to the deterioration of these images a lot.

Thanks to current developments, we have already seen that there are tools that allow us to color or increase quality and improve it even if the picture is unclear. Today we will test another free solution that delivers impressive results when images are damaged.

It is an artificial intelligence developed by Hotpot, a company dedicated to "simplifying graphic design and editing images" through the use of artificial intelligence. We can test it directly from this link.

We'll simply have to upload the image we want to restore its quality and determine if the image has scratches (using the blue button). Within seconds we can download the restored image.

In addition to making scratches disappear, this site is responsible for improving the face and improving color definition. They claim that "what previously required hours of trained professionals can now be achieved in seconds".


The service works with black and white photos and color images. Of course, for now, it only supports images with a maximum resolution of 1280 × 1280 (they claim it will soon support larger images).