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The site contains the top 125 programs and tools in information security

It is known to all those interested in testing the hack and information security that there are stages of this process so that at each stage the use of tools or even manual methods to reach the target or targets to be tested to penetrate from this stage.


There are many programs and tools to help you in this process, such as tools for collecting information about the target to be tested to be hacked from internet addresses (IP Addresses), sub-domains, employee data working for Target (email addresses, phone numbers, names...etc.) and other things, so that this information is used in the hack process such as phishing, social engineering and other attacks.

Ports & Services Scanning Tools: These tools are used to collect port information on the target to be tested for penetration and to know the status of ports (opened, closed, filtered,... Etc. in addition to knowing what services are associated with these ports and the versions of these services and other information such as the type of operating system and its issuance.

There are also network packet analysis and bug-bug tools (Packet Analyzers/Sniffers): these tools are used to analyze and eavesdrop on packets that are sent over networks in order to analyze whether these packages contain important data that can be obtained (e.g. login data, etc.).

In addition to vulnerability scanners: These tools are used to check web applications, systems, and networks of vulnerabilities that may exist due to poor software in these applications or programs and services, so that these tools give us reports summarizing what has been found and obtained in the scan process.


There are many and many other tools and programs, but to know any of them and a brief explanation of each tool, I present to you today this site, which is considered as a reference for such tools. This site is called "sectools.org."This site contains the top 125 programs and tools in information security.