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The new Aquile Reader app for Windows 10 allows us to download books for free

 If you are looking for an application to manage reading your e-books in Windows 10, well designed and works well on your desktop using your keyboard and mouse, as well as with a touch screen, try a look at Aquile Reader.

The most natural thing when searching for this type of application for Windows is to find older interfaces, but Aquile Reader not only offers a lot of customization options and a more modern user interface but also adds additional features such as downloading e-books directly from the app.

One of the things that certainly caught my attention about this app is how to integrate six sources of free e-books into its options. It is possible to access websites such as Standard Ebooks directly through this app and download all available books.

 You can also download Gutenberg, EpubBooks, Smashwords, Feedbooks, and Manybooks. There are tens of thousands of free e-books in multiple languages that you can access in just a few clicks without leaving the app.

The app is new and under development. You can download it for free from the Microsoft Store at: Aquile Reader