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The best SSD disks of the year 2020 with prices starting from $50!

 The majority of devices on the market are currently equipped with somewhat old HDD storage tablets but they are available in large sizes and prices a bit cheap, and we have provided you with the best 6 HDD disks this year recently, but it is known that SSD storage disks are much better than the previous ones because they have unique features regarding speed even if they are less in terms of storage capacity and more expensive in terms of.

If there is a clear difference between HDD and SSD, so if you have an old computer and a little slow and want to update its components to bark faster and do the work required of it, first think of upgrading hard to SSD before upgrading the ram, and since we are in the age of speed we offer you today the best of those disks to enjoy a system, applications and very fast data transfers.

1. Intel Optane 905P

One of Intel world fastest data storage engines in the industry thanks to the new 3D XPoint memory, which works with almost the same performance no matter how full the drive is, the Intel Optane 905P U.2 comes with a random reading capacity of 575,000 IOPS and a random writing 555,000 IOPS.

With a storage capacity of up to 1.5TB with a warranty period of up to 5 years plus, two led lighting strips on both sides of the disc near the red and green radiator that can be controlled by the Intel SSD Toolbox app, which may prevent you from acquiring a very high price of approximately $2,000, but you can take advantage of the Intel 750 Series or Intel 760P Series cheaper.

2.HP S700 Pro

Using a familiar set of components with a static program that does a good job of maintaining a high level of performance, HP has chosen the SMI SM2258 controller, one of the most common SSD controllers, which features a system of automatically correcting errors, and a transfer rate of 565/520 Mbps for reading and writing with a three-year warranty.

If you need a long-lasting SSD, the HP S700 Pro is exactly what you want, it'll go well beyond the warranty period, providing up to 2 million hours of usage and up to 650 TB of typing on it, one of the best SSD  you can buy if you need something designed to last, with a storage capacity of 128GB to 1TB at approximately $50.

3. Samsung 970 Pro

As usual Samsung offers one of the best SSD storage tablets on the market with the new Phoenix controller and the latest 3D V-NAND technology of 64 layers, where the Samsung 970 Pro saw a significant increase in writing speeds estimated at 2700 Mbps unlike reading speeds that did not see any difference from the previous version 960 add to the speed of random reading and writing much higher than previous generations guaranteed 5 years, as it comes with a storage capacity of 512 GB to 1TB and the price of 170 About a dollar.

4. Toshiba OCZ RD400

Toshiba OCZ RD400 512GB uses the M.2 interface, which goes beyond the old SATA III ports used by most standard hard drives and hard drives. If you don't have a motherboard with an M.2 compass, the Toshiba OCZ RD400 512GB also comes with a PCI-E adapter to solve that problem,

The NVMe interface also helps to increase speed by reducing the time of arrival in the i-or or-output path between your drive and the CPU, making it a very fast drive, when it is active, power consumption is 6.0 watts, which means that this drive is extremely efficient and gives SMART support the confidence to rely on it to perform intensive daily tasks.

If you're looking for several options in terms of shape and size, the Toshiba OCZ RD400 series is some of the best SSDs to keep in mind from Toshiba, available with storage capacity ranging from 128GB to 1TB and priced at approximately $415 with three years of warranty.

5. Adata XPG SX8200

Adata claims that The XPG SX8200 can reach speeds of up to 3200 Mbps for reading and 1700 typing and that the tests were not really too far from these numbers, if you prefer to switch to M.2 quality to get SSD fast and affordable has reached the right place, Adata XPG SX8200 is not one of the best SSD because it is the fastest drive on the market but since there is no single drive that can match the price with performance at the same time, comes with a capacity of 240 to 690GB and the price is approximately $65 and a five-year warranty.