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The best apps to protect your Private Wi-Fi


Download the best apps that will protect wi-fi for Android and iPhone phonesWhen you access the Internet you can access websites that are browsed by a lot of users, you can track the numbers and credit cards as well as bank accounts that are used on this network and you can also access files that are located on the devices connected to the network and so on, and in order to be able to identify these hackers and block them from the network, we will provide you very useful applications in order to protect your Wi-Fi network.

1. WiFi Guard

Through this application you can call the devices connected to your internet where the application automatically tells you by a notice about the presence of an intruder or an unknown device in your network, and also gives you a specialized profile of its use in the network and other devices.
Download the app for Android here - and for the iPhone here

2. Safe Wi-Fi

Through this app, you can create a high-security VPN connection when you connect to public networks.
Download the app for Android here

3. Net Scan

This application detects the gaps and flaws that exist on the Internet and can also detect network domain defects and scan public networks in order to discover their security.
Download the app for Android here

4. Fing – Network Tools

Through this application you can search for any device connected to the network through its name, IP address, MAC, or manufacturer so that you can see its history on the network, and after identifying the intruder you can temporarily block or stop the connection.
Download the app for Android here - and for the iPhone here