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Telegram will offer premium ads and features on its platform


After reaching the avatar of 400 million users in April, Telegram is now close to reaching 500 million active users. In order to meet this growth and associated expenses, the messaging app announces its intention to generate revenue for 2021.

More users mean more expenses for traffic and servers. Pavel Durov, a co-founder of Telegram, says the project of our size needs at least a few hundred million dollars a year to continue working.

The company intends to first invest in the app through premium features for sales teams or experienced users, and then through advertising content that can appear on public channels created on the app.

Telegram wants to reassure its users about ads

The term "advertising" may concern users, which is why the Co-Founder of Telegram determines that these innovations, which were deployed in order to generate income, would not harm the user experience: "Thanks to our current range, it can do so in a non-intrusive way. Most users won't notice any changes."

It also adds that all parts of Telegram messaging will remain ad-free, which means private chats will not be affected by future ad content in the app.

With regard to premium features, Pavel Durov explains that these will be new additional features, which means that the current features will remain free.