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Telegram makes it easier to import chats from WhatsApp


Telegram has added the ability to import chats from WhatsApp, which means you won't lose previous conversations if you want to switch messaging services.

In iOS, the feature arrived with version 7.4, but the update does not appear to have reached the Android operating system.

Although the platform has not yet officially announced the new migration tool, some users can access it through the latest version of the app.

Besides WhatsApp, you can also import chats from Line and KakaoTalk, according to Telegram's change history.

For users who move from WhatsApp to Telegram, the ability to transfer chats with them means reducing mobility barriers.

The import process works with individual and group conversations for WhatsApp

To import chat from WhatsApp, open the relevant conversation, and click the group name or contact to open their information screen.

The chat export option opens the iOS share page, where you see the option to select Telegram, and then just choose a Telegram chat to import messages to it.

Imported messages include a small "imported" rating that indicates when they were originally sent, when they were brought to Telegram, and the messages are visible to all chat participants.

You have the option to import WhatsApp chat logs with or without photos, and imported messages appear in the order in which they were imported, not in order to send them in the original.

Telegram's support for imported chats comes along with a few other improvements to the messaging service, such as: the ability to adjust the voice for individual voice chat participants or to report fake groups or channels that try to impersonate famous personalities or organizations.

The addition of this feature comes at a time when Telegram is reporting dramatic increases in user numbers, with the service now home to more than 500 million active users worldwide.

Telegram is reaping the benefits of the recent backlash against WhatsApp, which has gained several hundred thousand users in the past two weeks, and its growth does not appear to be halting any time soon.

In an effort to attract more WhatsApp users, the platform has added new features.

The reason appears to be WhatsApp's new privacy policy, which has raised privacy concerns about the Facebook-owned messaging app.

WhatsApp delayed introducing the new policy to ease the reaction, insisting it would not affect the security of consumer conversations or profile data.