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Snapdragon 888 devices will support 3 Android updates in collaboration with Google


Snapdragon 888 processor devices will get 3 years of Android updates thanks to Google's collaboration with Qualcomm to give processor devices greater support updates than normal support for Android devices in their normal state, where android devices leading to today get only two major updates, if the device is released with android version 9.0 will get only 10 and 11 and will not see updates after, only Samsung decided this year to get its devices 3 major updates as we mentioned in an article earlier, do not want Google Companies don't implement this support, they want to give the system devices the same support as Samsung, let's discuss it a little bit.

Snapdragon 888 will get 3 Android updates with Google

In cooperation with Google, Qualcomm's new processor will support 3 years of updates other than the version issued by the devices, with 4 years of security updates, all based on the Treble project launched by Google in 2017, this project aims to separate the foundation of the system from the modifications of the interface and tariffs for companies, i.e. companies will not need to take long to improve the system and prepare for phones, but the phone will be ready to receive the update quickly and without problems, companies have to not equip the interfaces to comply with the system New, and then send updates once because the definitions of each device mounted on the same device in a dedicated space, but not yet adopted by companies in their updates and this is what Google wants to change starting from Snapdragon 888

The funny thing is that SnapDragon processors are ready for all of this they are the easiest processors to work on, look galaxy Note 3 has released this device in 2013 and was a 4G version of it with the Processor Snapdragon 800 which carried the number model Model SM-N 9005, this device still today gets unofficial support, it has released Android 11 in software rate or so-called Custom ROM, the device stopped its support at Android 5.0 officially and still receives updates, it is great if you think about it, we hope that Google and companies are taking advantage of this and starting from snapdragon 88 we want to see a significant improvement in system support