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Significant development in iOS 14 beta version to protect users' privacy


The company said Apple's new privacy feature, which requires developers to request permission to track iOS users to target ads, will finally be launched in the next trial version of iOS 14 with a full version planned sometime this spring for users.

The new subscription requirement, called opt-in requirement, offers a major shift in how mobile app developers can collect data on iPhone owners and share that data with other companies, including data brokers, to help with ads. Apple now allows iPhone owners to search their settings to disable this type of tracking. But with the new update, instead of forcing users to take proactive action on disabling it, Apple will ask developers to request permission first or risk being suspended or removed from the App Store if they do not comply with the rules or try to circumvent them.

Apple says the rules will also apply to its own apps, and the company already allows users to disable the company's custom ads within the App Store, Apple News, and Stocks using the data it collects from your device. (It should be noted that ad allocation is different from ad tracking.

This is expected to affect both companies that run ad networks such as Facebook, and companies that pay for ads, whose customers will be fewer advertisers. That's exactly why Facebook has emerged as apple's biggest discount for new privacy measures, which not only includes this new enabling requirement but also the app privacy labels it launched on the App Store last month.