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Signal supports encrypted video calls


Signal announced that the encrypted messaging app added support for group video calls for up to five people.

Working and study conditions from home imposed by the coronavirus pandemic have led to the emergence of applications supporting mass video calls this year.

Signal now joins the fight and offers a secure way to chat with friends or colleagues.

Signal fans appreciate the ability to rely on the app to make conference calls as well, even though most people at this point in time have their preferred video conferencing app.

Other video meeting apps, such as Zoom, have faced a range of security issues over the past few months.

One of the concerns raised by users about Zoom was that it did not contain end-to-end encryption, claiming it had included the feature since 2016, when the fact was that it had begun to be introduced this year.

Group calls can start by clicking on the video call button at the top of the supported group chat.

The company says that calls are encrypted from end to end, like anything else within Signal.

By default, participants are displayed in network format, but you can scroll up to get a view that focuses on the person who is currently talking.

With a five-person limit, Signal won't replace video conferencing services, such as Zoom, anytime soon, but the company says it's working to increase the maximum number of call participants over time.

Group video calls are available for Android and iOS, and are currently limited to new-style group conversations within Signal, and will not appear in older chats.

Signal launched its new group talks again in October, adding support to people, group officials, and more accurate permissions.

"Conference calls are one of the many features we've designed taking into account signal's own collections as the basis for this feature, and we used our RingRTC library to deal with encryption, call settings and how to join them," the company wrote in a blog post.

Older chats are upgraded to a new chat style in the coming weeks, Signal says.