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Samsung ready to offer MicroLED TV


While LG and Sony turned to OLED for premium TV, Samsung followed another display technology called MicroLED, relying on small self-propelled LED lamps to deliver the same deep black and contrast levels as oled, but without limited brightness and combustion.

After first appearing on The Wall, the company is ready to offer MicroLED TV  to the general consumer at CES, starting with the previously announced 110-inch model, followed by the 88-inch model and the 99-inch model.

These new MicroLED TV  are still huge, but they are more manageable than retailers and shoppers.

You can choose one from the store and install it in your home, without any help from custom installation tools, in stark contrast to The Wall's collection, which requires professional setup and potential working days to connect standard MicroLED panels.

It is clear that this TV was not intended for ordinary shoppers, especially when considering the potential cost of up to $300,000 for a 146-inches unit.

With these MicroLED TV , Samsung takes a more familiar approach, as the thin panels are previously assembled, so all you have to do is lift the screen out of the box using the mounting handles bundled and mounted on the wall.

These TV are supposed to be mounted on the wall, but you can also buy a separate stand to install them if you prefer.

Although previously configured, microLED panels may slip out of alignment over time and should be able to adjust them using a screwdriver, if needed.

As for what these collections look like, Samsung claims to have a more accurate point score than older versions of The Wall.

As you'd expect, they're all 4K screens, supporting HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and given that the panel itself is thin and sensitive, MicroLED TV rely on an external delivery box, like many of Samsung  most modern premium collections.

The company has not yet confirmed that it supports HDMI 2.1 or 120 Hz update rate, and similarly, there is no information yet on response times or support for variable update rates.

You can see up to four entries at a time in this MicroLED set with Samsung's multi-display mode, and you can convert the 110-inch screen into four 55-inch panels.