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Qualcomm announces its latest and most powerful smartphone processors


Qualcomm unveiled snapdragon 888, the latest and best processor it has developed for smartphones to date.

According to company experts, the new processor is the first phone processor to develop arm Cortex-X1 technology that delivers excellent performance and great data delivery speed.

This processor can share data with 5G cellular networks at a high speed of up to 7 GGabbat/that thanks to a built-in X60 5G modulation chip, meaning it does not need an external modem to handle these networks as with previous Snapdragon processors.



Also featured in snapdragon 888 is that it is developed with 5nanometers technology that makes it less energy-efficient than other phone processors, as well as being able to handle a high-resolution camera that documents 120 frames per second at 12 megapixels.