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Posted private data to more than 214 million users from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn


A recent investigation by researchers from security firm Safety Detectives, which specializes in the analysis of anti-virus solutions, revealed a major data leak for at least 214 million users worldwide, belonging to the platforms Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, affecting even celebrities and influencers.

All of this leaked data is in a database without any protection and can be accessed by anyone who knows your IP address, which contains more than 408 GIGAbytes of data and more than 318 million records.

The company indicates that the database contains personal information, including private data such as names, email addresses, even phone numbers, etc.  Standing behind this new data leak is Socialarks, a Chinese company specializing in brand marketing on social networks, which in August last year already suffered another similar data leak, revealing data from 150 million users of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In detail, researchers found 11,651,162 profiles of Instagram users, 66,117,839 personal files for LinkedIn users, 81,551,567 personal files for Facebook users, and 55,300,000 other Facebook profiles removed shortly after the researchers' team discovered.

For more information: safetydetectives