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OnePlus and Oppo merge their development teams


It has been known for a long time that Oneplus and Oppo belong to the same parent company and Vivo also follow a company called BBK so many times you find that the phones of these companies are very similar.

The recent report that emerged today claims that OnePlus and Oppo have merged their own hardware development and research teams with oppo being responsible for development and research.

Normally such news would not be of great importance, but when you remember that Carl Pei, founder of oneplus, has left the company last year begin here different theories and sayings.

The report on the merger claims that Oneplus and Oppo have become part of a group called OGA Group, which seeks to improve the oneplus, oppo, and Realme brands by uniting r&D efforts and that it is similar to what we see with Xiaomi and Redemi.

If you've been interested in the mobile phone market lately, you've certainly noticed the great similarity between oneplus and Oppo phones lately, for example, you'll see that Oneplus 8 Pro is a replica of Find X2 Pro.

This similarity goes beyond the mere shape and specifications of the phone and even reaches the pricing of phones and the pricing of the new Oneplus Nord phones is the best proof of what we say.

If so it would be sad to see a distinctive brand like Oneplus turn into a version of the Oppo brand in the design and pricing of different phones, especially since it was aimed at hardcore users as we used to say in the past.