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One by Wacom brings electronic pen to Chromebook devices


Chromebooks are limited, despite all their power as editing tools, most of which don't come with an electronic pen, but One by Wacom changes the equation.

One by Wacom now works with Chrome OS Computers, thanks to the fact that he recently received google's "Working with Chromebook" certification.

One by Wacom should not be confused with the $400 Wacom One tablet, as the One by Wacom doesn't have a display.

Instead, it is a surface that is exclusively compatible with the electronic pen that comes inside the box.

While this e-pen is by no means wacom's most capable pen, it has a sensitivity of up to 2,048 compression points, which means it can be compared to the previous generation surface pen.

To make everything work, just connect your device to your Chromebook through a USB-A port, and there is no need to install any separate drivers or programs.

Moreover, you don't even need to charge the pen because it works without a battery, and if you have a Chromebook with a USI-compliant electronic pen, one by Wacom pen won't interfere with it.

The device comes with a 259g pen, making it a device light and small enough to be easily placed in a backpack, which is very suitable for students.

 As with most accessories, the usefulness of one by Wacom depends on third-party support.

The device gets full support from Clip Studio Paint as long as you have Chrome OS 8.7 or a newer version installed on your device, as well as educational apps, such as Kami, Pear Deck, Limnu, and Explain Everything.

It is also worth noting that you can use the device with Windows and Mac computers, so it is more than just a Chromebook accessory.

The device comes in two sizes: small and medium and is available in the United States in a compact size of 8.3×5.7 inches, which you can buy for $59.95.