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Microsoft Edge browser gets new features


Microsoft this week introduced a major update that brings new color features to the Microsoft Edge browser, with updated icons and a new Sleeping Tabs feature that improves the browser and overall pc performance.

To celebrate the year of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, the browser has acquired new features available through the browser's extensions site.

Features range from simple colors to Halo, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Forza Horizon.

These new features include colors on new tab pages, tabs, address bar, and other parts of the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has also updated the codes used throughout the browser to better match the fluent design system.

Ben-Zur, Microsoft CEO working on the company's modern life initiative, explains: “In our latest releases, I have noticed minor updates to the icons in MICROSOFT EDGE which are more subtle in appearance.

"This is just the beginning of our design journey and we are already imagining how to introduce fluent design into all our products, and we can't wait to share our vision in the near future.

The overall look and feel of the browser may change, but Microsoft is also adding some useful features.

The new Sleeping Tabs feature is now being rolled out and aims to improve browser performance, which now automatically frees system resources for inactive tabs when you have a number of open tabs.

This helps new tabs work better or stops your browser from draining memory and CPU resources in the background.

Microsoft is also taking steps to roll out the features of the new password manager, where the browser automatically starts to suggest a secure and complex password when registering for a new website or trying to change an existing password.

Edge also gets a new password monitoring feature that alerts you if your password is leaked online.

If that's not enough, your browsing history is now being rolled out and tabs synced for everyone this week.

These features began to appear in a number of countries earlier this month, allowing Edge users to sync their full web history and active tabs across multiple devices, including iOS and Android.