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Learn how to make your Facebook account impossible to find by anyone


To get away from any problems many users resort to hiding their information as much as possible on the Internet, and among these problems, exposure to penetration since most hacks depend on collecting the most information about the victim, the most possible place where information about the victim can be found in his account on social networks and the most important Facebook, so we will learn in this subject how to make your Account on Facebook impossible to find by any stranger.

1- Edit the privacy settings in your account:

There is a section in your Account Settings on Facebook that contains options that will help you to make your account semi-hidden on Facebook, all you have to do is go to Facebook settings and then choose the Privacy section, then modify the option "Who can send friendship requests to you?" by making it "nobody" or "No one" and then modify the other three options to "only me" .

2- Make your publications only publish with your friends:

Automatically consists of publications that you post on your Facebook account in general, i.e. anyone can be seen and can find your account through a publication where if it contains a word written by a stranger in the search box on Facebook will appear to him your post, so you have to disable this possibility to maintain your privacy and so by going again Privacy to the section in the Facebook settings and make your posts appear only to your friends as shown in the picture.

3- Prevent your account from appearing on search engines:

You should be aware that if you are over 18 years old according to your date of birth on your Facebook account it automatically appears in search engines, so you have to disable this possibility to maintain your privacy and go to privacy settings again and you will find the option do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your Profile? Click on it and then remove the correct ✔ and then click on turn off and this will not show your account on the search engines.