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Learn about Googlefier to simplify installing Google services on Huawei phones!


Despite its performance power, Huawei's smartphones have now become less attractive since Google's services were withdrawn by the US government. But thanks to Googlefier, you can simplify installing Google services on Huawei phones, despite doubts about its protection of user data!

Huawei's phones are characterized by strong performance and the quality of the high-resolution image unit, which has been praised several times. However, the Trump administration's ban has radically changed the situation, as the Chinese giant is no longer able to work with U.S. companies and has been denied Google's license.

Although there are several ways to install Google services on Huawei devices, a new app called Googlefier has recently emerged. It downloads Google services on Huawei phones in a simplified and seamless way. However, we may wonder how effective it is to provide user data protection.

Designed by developer bender_007 from the XDA developer community, Googlefier distinguishes itself from other methods by offering a simplified process that does not require a smartphone connection to your computer.

Googlefier is therefore an installation assistant for an unofficial version of Google Play services on Huawei and Honor smartphones. Googlefier is presented as a simple APK file that the user must grant a certain number of permissions. In general, the process takes less than 10 minutes and consists of five steps.

 Several restrictions!

If you've already used another way to find Play Store and Google Mobile Services on your Huawei smartphone, it's recommended to restore the entire phone to avoid a number of potential errors.

It's also noted that if a person updates the EMUI interface to version 11, Googlefier won't work. This also means that the newly unveiled Mate 40 Pro is not compatible with this app.

The app developer explains that most apps won't return notifications, and apps that use Google's geolocation services work well. It is also possible to connect to a service directly using the user's Google account.