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Leaked document showing how much Facebook Messenger spied on your privacy!


A document posted on the popular 9to5Mac website revealed the amount of user data collected by Facebook Messenger compared to other instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal.

Since December 2020, app developers posted on the App Store have had to take responsibility when using user data, by notifying the latter of what data will be collected when downloading the app, such as contact or location details, and whether such data is used for tracking purposes.

Unsurprisingly, the introduction of this new app store tool has not liked some app developers, especially developers who make a living from data collection, such as Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg criticized its new rules. In an official statement, the Facebook founder said the restriction "will have a negative impact on many small businesses," adding that it poses a threat to the "free Internet."

Facebook Messenger broke the record for data collection!

9to5Mac released a document on Tuesday, January 5, comparing the amount of data collected from apps such as Signal, iMiss, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

When you take a quick look at the document, you realize the amazing amount of data that Facebook's instant messaging app collects.

Even WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, cannot compete with Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp relies on end-to-end encrypted conversations that limit facebook's ability to collect information about its users. On the contrary, Signal only collects your phone number.

For Facebook Messenger, the app collects everything and everything. Such as mailing address, email, name, phone number through browsing and search history, recent requests posted on the network, photos and videos, payment information, and even your health and fitness data... Some of your messages, audio recordings and even your performance are collected within the game...