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Issued by Apple to protect your privacy. Comprehensive security guide on how to prevent hackers from getting your information


Apple has released a comprehensive security guide on how to verify that others are able to access your data or devices, as well as preventive steps and how to prevent hackers from hacking into your privacy.

The company detailed every available security option and how to use it through the comprehensive security guide called "Access to device and data when personal safety is at risk."

"If you're worried that someone is accessing information you haven't shared from your Apple device, this guide will help you identify risks and guide you through the steps to help make the technology you rely on as special and secure as you want," she said.

Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF and technical advisor to the non-governmental Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF, praised the new evidence in a tweet from her personal Twitter account, stressing that it is particularly useful for those suffering from domestic violence.

Galperin added that the person you trust today may not be the one you trust tomorrow, and she continued, "Husbands break up, marriages end, roommates leave, and if you make a product that allows you to share your data with other people, you should also make it easy to ban them."

The guide includes sections on comprehensive privacy settings, as well as specific details about a wide range of issues from location tracking to calendar sharing.

It also contains a series of checklists that go with you through steps to block access, stop sharing, and keep your site private.

"Apple makes it easier to communicate and share your life with people closest to you, and what you share with and with whom you share is up to you, including the decision to make changes to better protect your information or personal safety," the guide says.

The guide is available via Apple's private support site, but has not yet been promoted by the company anywhere.

It is noteworthy that Apple recently announced the sticker service, which will be placed on applications that share the data of its users with third parties.