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nvidia GeForce Now reaches Chrome browser


nvidia has launched The GeForce Now 2.0.27 version of the game streaming service with trial support for chrome web browser via Windows and macOS, providing resource-intensive gaming for laptops and other devices that may not be powerful to run on their own.

GeForce Now has apps for Windows and Android but has expanded to a wider audience with a trial launch of ChromeBook in August 2020.

nvidia continued this with an alternative web application solution that lets you stream games through the Safari browser via iOS devices bypassing the App Store.

In theory, anyone with a Chrome browser can now start streaming by going to the service site and creating an account, even via a weak laptop.

nvidia change history also lists some other changes to make the service more useful within your browser, such as: creating desktop shortcuts for your games and a new way to share links, which can take your friend directly to the game.

The company used the WebRTC framework to improve the browser experience to make you feel as close as possible to the experience of the original application.

Like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, GeForce Now is basically a cloud computer that you rent to broadcast your games.

You can use your mouse, keyboard, gaming board, and wireless headset while playing, and Microsoft Edge is not currently supported, even though it's a Chromium-based browser now.

The service has Steam integration, so you can unlock the computer games you may have to broadcast through the service, but not all games work because developers have to subscribe.

Many developers were not satisfied because the service allows players to broadcast games without permission while allowing nvidia to profit from the monthly membership.

Although its rival Google Stadia has a smaller library than finely coordinated games, it can often offer a clearer image and higher resolution than nvidia.