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Internet speed testing apps threaten your data privacy


Speed Checker software allows the user to check the speed of the Internet in the home network, and these programs work as applications better on smartphones and tablets, and such applications can be downloaded for free from the Google Play App Store.

The portal explained that the modus operandi of these applications is that the smartphone or tablet connects to the measurement server;

The portal added that the user may be exposed to risk in terms of privacy if he relied on only good evaluations from other users after the portal tested 14 internet speed test applications for mobile devices equipped with Google Android.

The test results found that, despite the good reviews and comments that these applications enjoy in the eyes of other users, they have many flaws in terms of security, privacy, and data protection.

The portal noted that there was a problem in 12 of the applications tested BSSID Data

German experts noted that applications that collect BSSID data are highly risky because they allow service providers to locate the user without their permission and with the possibility of establishing databases for this purpose.

Some applications have registered the identification number (IMSI), a set of numbers for the sim card listed in the mobile device, which can be used to locate devices, and mobile phone providers can customize the number to people.

Another application that has collected the id number of the mobile subscriber known as IMEI is that any mobile device sold worldwide contains this 15-digit number, and technology experts usually classify these numbers (IMEI) and IMSI as sensitive data, as it allows third parties to track your smartphone or tablet, and can only be changed when the device is changed or the phone card is changed.

 Unencrypted Internet connection

The German technology portal indicated that some applications created an unencrypted Internet connection, and this unencrypted connection could be used to convert messages to the device that might require downloading a file or entering login data, and since messages appear to be coming from the app, they will be more credible.

The application that has been well featured in the German Technology Portal test is the free and simple LibreSpeed application to measure internet speed, which comes without additional functionality, is free of advertising and open source.

Source :http://www.tellerreport.com/news/2021-01-25-%0A---some-of-them-can-track-you----internet-speed-test-apps-threaten-your-data-privacy%0A--.r1X6iiw3yu.html