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Huawei reveals the main difference between HarmonyOS and Android and iOS


With the united states sanctions on The Chinese company Huawei, which prevented it from using many components and software, mainly the Android operating system, Huawei found itself forced to find a replacement for Android, and this alternative was only its system launched years ago HarmonyOS before working on its development in the past months.

But Huawei insists that HarmonyOS is not just a copy of the most prominent operating systems (Android and iOS), which was confirmed by Wang Chenglu, director of software engineering at Huawei in a special event, where he pointed out that Huawei's new operating system HarmonyOS is bigger than an alternative operating system for Google and Apple, where he pointed out that this Huawei project had started since 2016, and that unlike the new Android and iOS system, the new system is designed by The New Huawei System To work in harmony with all electronic devices, not just smartphones, which will greatly facilitate the work of developers.

Huawei announced in mid-December last year the launch of the new trial version of its operating system HarmonyOS 2.0, where the company revealed in the past days on the sidelines of Huawei Developer Day and the vice president of the company Yang Haisong that many developers have joined efforts to develop harmony system since the launch of the trial version on December 15.   

Yang Haisong also announced Huawei's ambitions in this regard, where the Chinese company aspires in 2021 to have more than 100 million smart devices running Huawei's new operating system HarmonyOS whether it comes to smartphones but also smart screens, smartwatches, and other devices, as Huawei wants to partner with electronics manufacturers especially in China but also across the world, where the official of Huawei says that more than 40 companies have expressed their desire Use the new system.