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Huawei Petal Search App Search Engine Face-to-Face with Google


Huawei maintains the pace of enhancing the app store and its functionality. This is particularly involved in the emergence of Petal Search, an app search tool for AppGallery, the internal store, which has the right to small updates, especially its deployment on tablets.

Petal Search was deployed to minimize the effects of the U.S. ban and the disappearance of Google services, including the Play Store, and Petal Search became richer over time. Huawei's app search tool allows its users to find their favorite apps among the tens of thousands on AppGallery, but also by downloading APK files or using third-party stores when the app is not in the Chinese App Store.
Petal Search tool from Huawei to compensate for the absence of Google services

Easy solution to compensate for the lack of PlayStore and make Google forget, Petal Search has the advantage of simplicity of use. To easily find the most common apps that aren't necessarily partners for the Huawei Store – which now advertises 60,000 apps – just add the tool by scrolling the screen and searching for it in the bottom menu. The search bar will then appear on the home page.

Petal Search was already installed on the P40 range launched last spring. The tool is also available for download from AppGallery and allows access to more than a million apps with just a few clicks from the smartphone's home screen. But a very large part is actually "recovered" via APK files from designers or stores like Aptoide.