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Huawei founder praises U.S. technology


"The United States remains a beacon of technology that must be emulated, and the Chinese company should consider banning products in the wake of U.S. actions against it," Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said in remarks announced Friday.

The Huawei founder's comments, in a letter to employees in June last year, were shared for the first time on the company's message board, making it the company's first public speech since Joe Biden took over from Donald Trump.

Huawei remained largely silent about its prospects under the Biden administration, after being targeted by several rounds of sanctions under Trump, who said its equipment posed a security risk, and the company denied the charge.

The Commerce Department last week informed semiconductor manufacturers that it would reject or revoke licenses for companies, including chipmaker Intel, to sell products to Huawei, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

"The U.S. actions have left Huawei in a state of great disagreement between our strategy and capabilities, and the company should re-evaluate some production lines and consider dispensing with some products and non-productive employees," Huawei's founder said.

The letter was made public after Huawei's former subsidiary announced new supply partnerships with major chip companies, including Intel and Qualcomm, which had previously lost access to it due to the U.S. action against the parent company.

Huawei sold the Honer brand to a consortium of agents and traders in November in an effort to help it regain access to the chips.

"While the company maintains the salary structure unchanged for the next three to five years, hundreds of senior staff have voluntarily cut their salaries," Wren's letter said.

The letter did not specifically mention the Biden administration, although analysts said the company needs a time out from Washington to revive the phone business and infrastructure of the troubled 5G networks.

"The United States remains the beacon of the world of technology, and we must learn all we can from advanced people," said the Huawei founder.