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How to share a WiFi password via QR code in Android


Google global owner of the Android system every end of the year launches a new version of the Android system, which comes with new features and a better form than the previous version where it starts to reach the devices of the top category and then the rest of the devices gradually, and currently, the latest version was Android 10 which reached most devices, and among the most important features came is the sharing of Wi-Fi with friends or parents by QR codes, which is more secure and easy than the traditional method of the pin number. In this article from the website, we will learn how to share your Wi-Fi password via QR code in Android 10.

First, what QR codes are and how they work:

QR codes or QR codes are those black dots that make up a box, as they are formed in order to access certain things, for example, to access different locations, contacts, geographic locations. Etc., his modus operandi is to direct the camera and open it to the code, which in turn will direct it to the location or information to be accessed by that code.

Now that we've learned about it and how it works, we'll learn how to use it to share your Wi-Fi password safely and easily.

How to share your WiFi password via QR code in Android 10:

This feature is available for Android devices running the 10th version of Android 10 and you won't find it on less.

  • First, go to your phone settings.
  • Then choose the network and internet Network & Internet.
  • Choose Wi-Fi.
  • You'll see a range of Wi-Fi networks near you, go to your network and you'll find a settings icon next to it that we choose and then choose Share.
  • The phone will start checking and you'll see your network's QR code that you can share with anyone else.

Now we move on to the required steps from the phone of the person who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi network:

All he has to do is go to his camera application, search on QR, scan the code and accept the connection, and if there is no such feature on the phone you can use an external application such as QR Code Reader and Scanner, after downloading and installing it on the phone, you will be able to scan the QR code and after reading and verifying it will give you the option to approve and contact directly without any problems.

Link APP Android:

Kaspersky QR Code Scanner: Analyse & Sécurité

This new feature in Android 10, which enables you to share Wi-Fi without displaying your password and securely, which we shared with you the way we use it, we hope you have really benefited.