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How to manage passwords on iPhone


The password management software built within the IOS system on iPhone devices is one of the most important features of the system and can be used continuously and permanently and is very convenient for all users.

IoS password management is known as iCloud Keychain and is one of the most secure and stable information encryption systems in general than most third-party password management software that you can download and use with your smartphone.

It is also special in iCloud Keychain that you can use this tool with various applications and devices running the ios system of Apple and this includes all your passwords whether it is for wi-fi network, internet account, website account, and others.

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It is also a feature of the ios password management service that you can easily save passwords from any browser you use, whether it's Safari or other browsers.
How to access password management on iPhone:

There are more than one way you can, for example, with Siri smart assistant where you can say: "

Hey Siri, show me my passwords.  “

To show you the full password management program or select the name of a particular app to show you the password specific to that application.

The other and best way from my point of view is the manual method and to do it all you have to do is:

Go to Settings on your iPhone
Go to Choose Passwords and Accounts Click on it
Go to choose Website and app passwords

You'll be asked to recognize your face and sign in with a Face ID
You'll see a list of all available and saved passwords on your iPhone
You can click on any site to see its password with ease
You can delete or modify any password as you wish by opening the site name and then clicking on the word Edit and you can delete it by clicking on the red tag that will appear after pressing Edit.