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How to know how many charging cycles are on Xiaomi phones


We are all convinced that with the frequent use of the phone and after several years, the battery efficiency decreases over time and loses a percentage of its default charging capacity. This, in turn, forces us to treat the battery properly, and to try to maintain its charging capacity in the best possible way so that we don't have to change it.

Unfortunately, unlike iPhones that offer the advantage of checking the number of completed charging cycles and the validity of their battery, there is no direct way to verify the number of battery cycles for Android phones. But if you own a phone from Xiaomi Xiaomi you may be lucky.

With a secret code, you'll get a battery info list that contains data on the number of completed charging cycles and the current battery status. 

Check battery status 


All you need to do is connect to the following code: *##6485#*#**, even before you click the connect button, you'll see the secret battery Info menu showing you how many completed charging cycles, battery status, and whether you need to replace it or not.