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How to hide WiFi and is it the best way to protect against penetration?


Surely if you have a router at home you will seek to make it safe away from piracy that is easily done these days, and of course, you will not be happy when something like this happens, so we learned through the articles of the computer world on many ways and steps to protect the Wi-Fi network where we provided how to protect the Wi-Fi network from penetration then the distinguished writer Qusay Khalifa clarified some important tips to protect your network from penetration and also we addressed a distinctive way to prevent anyone other than the devices specified contact router and other Ways to protect router and Wi-Fi, this article will also join these methods where we review with you the way to hide the Wi-Fi network so that no device can be found or discovered and try to penetrate it.

The idea that we rely here is that any router has an option that allows control of whether you want to broadcast the SSID (network name) or not, hypothetically the network name is allowed to be broadcast so that you can find it in the list of wi-fi points neareither from the laptop or phone or any wi-fi support device, but if we try to stop the broadcast of the network name will not appear in the list of points discovered even if the device is close to the router and can be connected to the network manually, and this is what will We review how it is done through the following lines.


 Keep in mind that the steps vary from router to router because of the different user interface of the router settings screen, but in any case, as we have pointed out, you will find the option to stop broadcasting the SSID inevitably in your router.

All you have to do is go to the router settings page by opening any internet browser and then writing the default IP of the router which is usually "" in the address bar at the top of the browser, after pressing the button Enter will ask you to write the User Nim and Passord write "admin" in all the boxes and then you press Log In and you will appear to you page router settings immediately, through this page go to the control section that collects the settings of the wi-fi settings in the Wireless Wi-Ence network - Search For the option called Broadcast SSID and then disable it as indicated in the image above, then press the Save button to save the new settings.


Now the Wi-Fi network of the router is hidden, for example if you try to activate Wi-Fi in the laptop and check the list of networks that can connect to you will not be able to see the name of the Wi-Fi network, but if you want to connect to it will be manual, if you are using windows system you just click right with mouse on the mini Wi-Fi icon of the taskbar and then click on the option Of Open Network and Sharing Center and then from the window that will appear click on the option set up up new connection or network and then from the other window also click on Manually connect a wireless network and then you will enter the network data starting from the name and type of encryption password and then the password itself and then press next button where the device starts to connect to this hidden network and use the Internet without problems.


As for your smartphone, if you also want to connect to the Internet by this hidden network, all you have to do is go to settings or settings and then click on the Wi-Fi section and activate it, then view the list of options through the top bar or by clicking on the menu button built on the phone, and press the list on Add Network and then you will enter the information required to connect to this network such as name, type of encryption and password, and by clicking on connect button will become connected to the internet network Hidden.

- Is the Wi-Fi network really hidden?!


We come to the question that might be on your mind right now! Is it safe from piracy? Let me tell you that this method is the best way to protect the router because it really keeps you safe from penetration by traditional methods that are the expression of phone applications and computer programs famous but not in general so that the most professional ways can penetrate the network easily, especially since the Wi-Fi network in this way is no longer really hidden so easily can find the hidden network, all you have to do is use a tool like WirelessNetView to view all the networks of wi-fi appearing and hidden. But there's nothing wrong with applying this method if you're really interested in router protection.