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How to get an IMEI number after stealing an Android phone

The importance of the IMEI for the phone as well as the different ways to get it and know it, as this unique number helps you fix your phone or find it in case it is lost so we have indicated the importance of keeping it among the things you should do now before you lose or steal your phone. But what if you don't realize the importance of an IMEI number to save it or at least write it in an external paper? You may be in the worst case when your phone is stolen and there is no solution to find it again except through this number, fortunately there is more than one way to find an IMEI number without the phone - considering it stolen - let's explain it to you in this article.

The first and basic way to find a serial number or IMEI number when the phone is lost or stolen is by the box in which you bought the device, the box in which the phone was wrapped during its purchase contains one of its four aspects contains a small poster showing a set of important information about the phone such as the country of manufacture, model, color, storage, in addition to the distinctive serial number of your phone as well as the number of the IMEI you can use this number while reporting the theft of the phone to add it to the black list or try to find it. But if this method doesn't apply to you because you don't find the phone box too, don't worry, there's another way to review it.


Recently, users can use Find My Device to find information about the missing phone, including the IMEI number. If you're an Android phone user and you've signed in to your Google account within this device, Find My Device will automatically be activated so we can use it now. After the phone is stolen, you will go to the following link from any computer and then write the login details of your Google account recorded on the missing phone:



After signing in, the name and shape of the missing phone will appear on the left, and below there are three options for remote control of the phone - if it is connected to the Internet - but to find the IMEI number all you have to do is click on the Info icon, which is marked by the letter "i" to show you device Information or device information, including the IMEI as shown in the image attached to the top.


If you don't have any other computers next to you, it's okay, you can use any other mobile phone to download and install the Find My Device app from the Google Play Store. Then you run the app and log on to the Google account recorded on the missing phone, you can then click on the icon "i" to display a window containing the information and contain the imei number as shown from the picture above. These were the ways you can get an IMEI number even after you lose your phone so you can restore it again or at least blacklist it.