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How to extract text from images without software on Windows 10

Users have more than one tool and software to extract text from images through a technology known as OCR, where a wide range of programs are available for this purpose and most of them are completely free. But if you want to extract text from an image on a computer that runs the latest versions of Windows 10, you may not need to install external software where users can take advantage of the new Search with screenshot feature to extract text from images with ease, if you find a picture in a PDF or Word document that contains text in English and you want to extract it for translation or for any purpose instead of manually rewriting text, here you will find the property integrated in Windows 10 useful. Here's how we can use them.

Initially, the "Search with screenshot" feature first appeared in Windows 10 last year as part of Microsoft's improvements to the built-in search bar with the Start menu. At that time, the feature was available to users in the United States, and at the time of writing, the feature is still limited to a limited number among Windows 10 users. This is why its existence was not discovered after downloading and installing the May 2020 update. However, you can easily try and use the feature by changing the "area" settings in Windows 10 and then using it to extract text from images. Let me tell you how...

Open the Settings app either through the Start menu or by clicking the Win+i key on the keyboard together at the same time. Then head to the time and language section and then to the area page of the side menu. Now click on the country or region list and select the US will allow this change to access many features that have been set or tested only to Windows 10 users in the United States, including, of course, searching with screenshots to extract text from images.

Now, to use the new Search with screenshot feature, all you need to do is open the search window by clicking on the Win + S (X) key on the keyboard together at the same time, or just press the "Lens" icon next to the start menu in the bottom left corner of the taskbar. Then, in the bottom right corner you'll find a new icon called Search with a screenshot and click on it.

The default Snip & Sketch tool will then be turned on in Windows 10 to take a picture of the screen, but its purpose here is to identify the area where the text you want to extract, so the screenshot is taken and automatically processed by Microsoft's Bing Visual Search service. It doesn't matter if the text is written in an image in a blurred font, or within an unadjustable WordPress or PDF document, just focus on determining which part of the text is, regardless of its length.

Microsoft Edge will then open, even if it's not the default browser, and go to Bing Visual Search where the image in which the text appears is processed. In a matter of seconds, the text in the image will appear as a normal text and can be easily copied after you go to the "Tt Text" section and click copy text.