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How to check the data that an app collects before installing it on your iPhone or iPad


Apple has launched a feature called Privacy Labels aimed at maintaining users' privacy, providing greater transparency about the data collected by iOS applications, whether from third-party developers, or Apple apps themselves, in addition to those that are previously installed in iPhone and iPad devices to fully understand how your information is used.

This feature is a new section that appears on the page of each app listed in the App Store that includes a summary of the developer's privacy practices and is now available to all owners of iPhone phones operating the latest version of iOS 14, and iPads operating the latest version of iPadOS.

Apple describes the iOS privacy stickers feature as similar to the nutrition stickers we find on food, as Apple's goal of this initiative is to better inform users about the privacy practices of individual applications. 

IOS privacy stickers are divided into three parts:

Data used to track you: Includes data collected about you that can be used to track you online, and is used to target you with personalized ads.
Data associated with you: Includes your personal data, such as name, age, gender, address, location, search and browsing history, and other personal data that you usually provide when creating a new account in the app.
Data not associated with you: Includes general data collected when you use the device but cannot be linked to you, and may include general information, such as: the use of phone data or other activity, which is not necessarily related to what you do in the app but is collected anyway.

If you're interested in protecting your privacy, this feature will help you choose which apps you use on your iPhone and iPad, or at least know what data you share with them. So let's learn how to verify the data that apps collect:

First, check the apps in the App Store:

  • Go to the App Store on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Find the app you want to verify the data it collects, and then open its page in the store.
  • Swipe down until you reach (app privacy), and this section will appear under the section (Ratings and Reviews).
  • Click on the See Details option, and you'll see a list of all the data the app collects, for example, if you search for a Facebook app you'll see a long list of data that it collects in this section.

  • You can also find the privacy details of apps by searching the web for the app and opening its page in the App Store, and you'll see the App Privacy section below the app's evaluation section.
    Click on (see details option) for the full list of data collected by the app.

Second, check for Apple apps that are not in the App Store:

You can find an app privacy overview of all Apple apps that are not in the App Store that comes installed on the iPhone or iPad previously through this link.